A Book About This One

A Coffeetable-Book about the Emotional Attachment to Fashion Items

A Masters-Project

Course: Fashion Studies, La Sapienza, Roma

Supervised by: Paolo Emilio Cenciarelli

Final Product

Building on my Bachelor’s project (Informationdesign maj. Mediadesign / FH Joanneum Graz, 2020) the final product is going to be a coffeetable-book, including scientifical research about the emotional attachment to fashion items, infographics and “case-studies” (photographies and texts about women and their emotional attached fashion item(s)). 

How the Idea was Born

The idea for “A Book About this One”  was born in late 2019, when I was sitting in the kitchen of my old apartment in Graz, with Kathi, my former roommate.

We were dreaming about love, our lives and the future…painting pictures in our heads about careers and families, about where we wanted to live when we were fifty and what to name our kids. We did this day after day, smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee, and loving life. As we talked and talked, we somehow came across our “wanna-do’s” – projects we would really love to create one day and somehow, somewhere amongst these conversations, I had the idea for this book: A book about women wearing her favorite dresses – A book about “this one”.

Within a few minutes, I had developed the whole concept for the project: women wearing garments they feel emotionally attached to, portrayed in a fashion-photographic way, and the stories behind their clothes.

With this project, I want to share women’s stories, their personal thoughts and, most of all, the different embodiments of beauty found in all of us.

My goal is, that everyone who opens “A Book About This One” finds themselves in it. 

A project by, for, and with women.
A project to encourage, share and enlighten.
A project about the stories stored in our wardrobes.

…but more than anything, a project made with love.