This One

A Project About the Emotional Attachment to Fashion Items

First steps

In Summer 2019, I sat in the kitchen of my old apartment with Kathi, my former roommate. We were dreaming about love, our lives and the future. Painting pictures in our heads about our jobs and families, about where we wanted to live when we were fifty and how to name our kids. We did this for hours, day after day. Smoking cigarettes, drinking coffee and loving life. As we talked and talked, we somehow came across our “wanna-dos”, projects we would really love to create one day. And somehow, somewhere in the middle of our conversations, I had the idea for this project: A project about women wearing dresses.

Within a few minutes, the concept for the whole project was made up. Women wearing garments they feel emotionally attached to, portrayed in a fashion-photographic way, and the stories behind their clothes (all written by myself based on the informations the girls gave me)

With this project, I want to share stories and faces, personal thoughts and embodiment of beauty found in every woman, in different ways.

The Story Behind This One

Emotional attachment to fashion items won‘t stop after the runway-show. Emotional attachment to clothes does not only affect the designer, and the whole fashion industry but also the consumers’s lives. In this work, I will illustrate which emotional aspects influence our choice in fashion and why we tend to attach emotions to our garments. From the feeling when obtaining a certain piece to the behaviour and experience while wearing it.

“The Story Behind This One” examines the psychological, sociological and generally influencing factors of the emotional attachments to fashion items in 170 pages. Next to literature and web research, I also choose to conduct a survey. I got 263 participants, so I had a great number of answers to continue my research with.

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A Book About This One

Next to the theoretical part, I also choose to create a practical work. Therefore, I was capturing 12 everyday women with little to no model experience in some of their emotional attached garments. Next to the fashion photographic portraits, I also wrote some short stories based on the information the girls gave me concerning their relationship to their fashion items.


You can find all of them below

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“Davidovic / Neselberger / Schauperl” – Junge Kunst aus Feldbach


In Winter 2021 I had the chance to show my work within a  group exhibition in the art center of my hometown. 

Since my thesis is mostly about clothing, I wanted to give my photos a little “clothesline” character. Therefor I decided to span robes across the room and I used black colored brackets to attach both, the text sheets and the photos. 

As time was short and money even shorter, I had to choose the “Top-Shots” of 10 Girls I captured for my work. 


WHO? Vera Davidovic, Paul Nestelberger and Mariella Gianna Schauperl

WHERE? Kunsthalle Feldbach

WHEN? 09.02.2021 – 13.03.2021

Many more to come (: