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Clairemargot is the new solo music project of Clara Margherita Cabassi, a singer and songwriter of Milanese origin, now living and working in Rome. So for, she has released five singles on Spotify (“Givenchy,” “Uroboro,” “Angeli Neri,” “Lilly,” and “Baby Shark”) and three self-directed and -produced videos on YouTube (“Monster,” “Eroine,” and “Baby Shark”).  She will release her first album “Baby Don’t Cry” in September 2023.

Clairemargot is experimenting with the current new genres of music. Her exploration lies within futuristic electronic sounds present in the beats, while still incorporating the classic instruments of rock, with a freshness and autotune-reminiscent of trap music. Contrary to the lyrics, which are addressing strong subjects and predominantly sad situations, the cheerful music creates a contrast that showcases her energy and desire for redemption.

My Role for Clairemargot

– Project Management & General Art Direction

– Aesthetic Guidance

– Content- & Covershootings

– Coverdesigns

– Marketing Material & Consulting

– Internal- & external communications

– Illustrations


Clara Margherita Cabassi
Sofia Di Russo


Photo: Claudia Sicuranza


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